3 Lies you have been told about owning a parrot

There are so many differing opinions on parrot ownership out there. Most of them lead to the detriment of your bird.

➡ If you don’t cook for your bird every day you are not a good parront.

➡All or nothing claims from people about their product. Be especially careful if this is                         connected to advertising of a product.

➡Your birds must out of the cage for at least 6-8 hours per day.

Is is very simple to fix some healthy, nutritious food for your parrot. Make it up ahead of time for easy distribution. Fresh veggies and fruit can be prepared this way also. This can all be done in an hour or less!

Moderation is key in your parrots diet. They need veggies, grain, seed, pellets, and fruit.  When you hear that any one product is a “complete diet” or follow my rules no matter what symptoms your parrot is exhibiting. This is a red flag! The only exception would be if you are working with your avian vet because of a health issue.

Some days it is just not possible to have your birds out for hours at a time. That’s ok! There are things you can do to create an enriching environment for them inside the cage. Most birds do not need direct attention for an extended amount of time. For many, indirect or ambient attention works wonderfully. Teaching your bird to forage for treats and meals is a great way to keep their mind active.

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