By Shauna Roberts

Time for pomegranates, another fall gem. Pomegranate is an old French word meaning, “seeded apple”. Full of crimson colored seeds, they have a sweet and sour flavor that is juicy, fun and interesting. They contain manganese which is needed for strong bones and also potassium which may help lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Pomegranates also contain an abundance of ellagic acid which may work with other antioxidants to protect one from environmental toxins. Catechins found in pomegranates peels may defend against cancer and anthocyanins that protect against free radical cell damage are also found in this fruit.

You can offer pomegranates so they can be torn apart, or if you don’t want the potential mess, just mix some of the seeds into the bird’s daily meal. Watch out though – the color is intense and can stain the carpet and walls! I hope that you and your parrots enjoy the abundance of this fall’s harvest of nutritious, delectable and colorful fruits and vegetables. Bon appetit!

“Antioxidants in pomegranates include polyphenols, such as tannins and anthocyanins. In fact, pomegranates may have even more antioxidant power than cranberry juice or green tea, Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN” from WebMD

Side note: a reminder to continue to be wary of advertised health claims of “health” food products:

Pomegranate Juice Claims Ruled Deceptive, But Controversy Continues

In a split decision on a 2010 complaint by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against the makers of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice, an administrative law judge ruled that the product has not been proven to treat, prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease, prostate cancer or erectile dysfunction. While upholding the FTC’s false-advertising complaint, however, the judge sided with POM in denying the agency’s demand that the juice company seek prior approval of any future advertising health claims.




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