Terwiliger Squirt’s Sweet Potato Surprise 16oz


This is the real thing, minus the onions and the pig trotter. Split green and yellow peas, lentils, brown rice and barley…make into a thick and nourishing soup for the feathers. Or for you, if you prefer. We highly recommend you cook this with fresh made tomato based juice, add garlic, crushed red peppers, and serve over noodles with a topping of chopped hard-boiled egg.

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A blend of brown rice, buckwheat, wheat berries, oat groats, popping corn, sweet potatoes, pineapple, papaya, coconut, and bananas. Served after cooking in water or juice, This is the Jelly Donut of Hot Breakfasts. Add a cup of hot mango salsa for an added punch. Serve over noodles and watch the tails go up and stay there until the bowls are clean. 

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